Our professional Auto dosing system is an automated way of feeding our commercial laundry equipment with our own range of high quality cleaning products.

Developed in partnership with one of the largest specialist detergent suppliers in Europe, we offer a full range of detergents as well as various specialist products including emulsifers, low temperature de-stainers, water softeners, infection control antibacterial detergent.

A star in our range is a unique antibacterial laundry detergent that can chemically disinfect laundry at 40C this makes it unnecessary to wash at the traditional 71C. It is has been lab tested to be effective against HN1 Flue virus, MRSA even at 40C. The benefits of this are reduced cycle times, saving in energy costs from reduced heating and less fabric damage.

We supply, install, repair and routinely maintain the pump units free of charge based on continuing to order the products from us. With our advanced dosing systems, you have available a full audit trail which is easily downloaded via USB from the keypad. This gives you the complete information on all product volumes dispensed, cycles completed etc.

Benefits of Automatic Dosing

  • Accurate results – the same correct calibrated dose of each product is dispensed at the right time on each cycle.
  • No costly wastage by staff manually overdosing.
  • No mess with spillage.
  • No human errors of failing to add the products.
  • No risk of mishaps with staff having contact with potentially hazardous substances.
  • Customisation of having programmes made to suit your requirements.
  • Usually proves more cost effective –v- manual dosing and powders.

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