Professional Washing Machines

At Pee Gee Ltd, we can help commercial and industrial businesses with their high demand laundry turnover with our choice of professional washing machines. We are proud to stock washing machines for every need and budget.

It is essential for businesses to have effective laundry solutions in place to help ensure the everyday running of your company is seamless.

We supply highly reputable brands such as Primus and Lavamac that will provide an outstanding clean every time.

Every professional washing machine we stock is built to withstand consistent use and substantial commercial wash loads. Our washing machines aim to save you time with their large door openings for easier loading and unloading, as well as new Xcontrol easy to use touchscreen controls.

We also offer free standing washing machines that are quiet to operate rate and will cause minimal noise disruption to your business.

If you’re needing a professional coin operated washing machine for university students that will be in regular use, or you’re a hotel who needs a reliable washing machine to provide freshly washed bed sheets and linen everyday, we can guarantee high performance and efficiency.

You can also save money through your energy and electrical bills as many of our machines are high quality sluice washer efficient.

Our trained team have over 50 years experience in the industry so can advise you on which washing machine would be best for your needs, through their expertise and knowledge of equipment durability and lifetime costs that come with our machine supply and machine rental services.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we also offer auto dosing and our own range of chemical products to help clean your laundry equipment and keep it working to its full potential.

So if you’re looking for a washing machine for professional use, take a look at our various washing machines or make an online enquiry now.