Professional Laundry Equipment

If you’re a business who does a large volume of laundry on a daily basis, Pee Gee Ltd has professional laundry equipment for you, including washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers.

Unlike most on the market, all our laundry machines are designed and built by commercial manufacturers such as Lavamac, Primus and ADC and not domestic, so they are fit for constant use and quick turnaround. All of our machines have low running time, drying efficiency and energy consumption.So our professional laundry equipment will help boost your work productivity whilst saving you money.

Our professional washing machines are user friendly and are available in coin operated options depending on your business needs and budget. All of our washing machines are available as free standing machines and are quiet to use so won’t disrupt your working environment.

The professional tumble dryers we offer are a great solution for catering and commercial premises that need to dry clothing, table cloths and bed linen on a large scale. Our tumble dryers are designed to provide reliable performance with low ongoing costs.

At Pee Gee Ltd, our professional flatwork ironers are ideal for business with high volumes of laundry as the Primus range of commercial ironers provides time savings, space saving and has all the current safety features to meet the latest regulations.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we recognise how important it is to keep up with hygiene standards and to have fresh laundry on hand every day.  So we offer a range of professional laundry equipment products such as emulsifiers, low temperature de-stainers, water softeners and infection control antibacterial detergent to help your machines work to the best of their ability.

So if you’re looking for reliable professional laundry equipment, take a look at our range of washing machines, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers or make an online enquiry today.