Tumble Dryers

Does your business need to get your materials dried quickly? At Pee Gee Ltd we offer a range of commercial tumble dryers from reputable manufacturers including ADC and Primus.

All of our commercial tumble dryers are designed with durability and constant use in mind, making them the perfect drying solution for commercial businesses that need to quickly dry clothing, table cloths or bed linen.

We understand how important maintaining exceptional hygiene standards is when you’re in the commercial sector so our commercial tumble dryers will be able to keep up with your regular turnover of laundry day after day. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure that you get the best dryer for you.

Our selection of tumble dryers will boost your productivity with their efficient drying process whilst saving you time and money.

The ADC dryers we offer at Pee Gee Ltd have built in easy to use digital control and provide reliable performance with low ongoing maintenance costs.

All of the Primus tumble dryers we have available come with a large door opening to make loading and unloading easier for you.

Our tumble dryers range in size and price to ensure your needs and budget are met and our trained team will take care of everything from site surveys, installations and after sales support. Whether you’re needing a commercial tumble dryer for washing uniforms for your hotel or need a coin operated dryer for university students to easily use, we’ve got the right drying option for you.

Customer satisfaction is key to us so we offer a complete service from initial consultation to assess your requirements, design and planning and ensuring health and safety compliance.

So if you’re looking for a reliable commercial tumble dryer, have a look at the robust tumble dryers we have available or make an online enquiry now.

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