Are you a commercial business needing a commercial flatwork ironer for medium volumes of laundry? At Pee Gee Ltd, we have various ironers available from the industry leading brand Primus. A commercial flatwork ironer is an essential piece of equipment for any commercial business with on site laundry.

Available in a range of sizes and heating options to suit your needs, the commercial flatwork ironer is made up of a large heated roller that you feed your laundry through to straighten out.

Our ironers are ideal for restaurants, hotels and catering environments that need sheets, pillow cases, table cloths and large items ironed quickly to ensure they’re always available.

The primus collection of commercial ironers offers space saving, length folding, safety features and is easy to use. All of the ironers are designed with constant use in mind and meet the latest industry safety rules and regulations. Many of the primus ironers have different heating options from electric, gas or steaming heating depending on what works best for you.

Having a commercial flatwork ironer will save you time and boost your productivity as it removes the creases from your laundry and dries at the same time.

Our fully trained team will support you with a total supply and service package which includes all site surveys, installations and after sales care to ensure you are getting the most out of your ironer and other laundry equipment.

So if you’re looking for a commercial ironer that will iron your laundry quickly and smoothly, make an online enquiry today or take a look at the flatwork ironers we have on offer.

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