Laundry Maintenance Middlesbrough

Have you got laundry machines in Middlesbrough that need maintenance? At Pee Gee Ltd, we have a range of laundry solutions and services to maintain your machines and keep them working to their full potential.

We acknowledge how important it is for commercial and industrial businesses to keep on top of hygiene standards and that fresh laundry is available every day.

If you want to ensure that your laundry machines are always working to the best of their ability, we offer a fixed price all inclusive rolling maintenance contracts that includes an annual PPM service visit, parts & labour cover for all repairs and for healthcare critical sites thermal disinfection and temperature validation.

For customers that would prefer to pay per visit, we offer maintenance support on a call out basis, with our charges being some of the most competitive in the industry.

  • Call out charge- £79.00
  • Additional time- £40.00

Per each 30 minutes, parts are manufactured at price.

If your laundry or dishwashers are in critical health care applications, we offer full temperature validation with a data long to prove that you comply fully with statutory legislation HTM 01-04.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we can also undertake a full clean and inspection on tumble dryer exhaust ducts to make sure that all lint is removed to avoid any fire risks and improve the efficiency of your machine. We can also fit access doors where needed to allow for ease of future inspections and cleaning.

Although already included within our annual service visit, we also can provide you with an annual CP12 gas safety certification where all machines are stripped, thoroughly cleaned and inspected to guarantee everything is working efficiently and safely.

If you’re a business in Middlesbrough who are looking for someone who provides laundry maintenance and can ensure your laundry appliances are working correctly, make an online enquiry now.