Laundry Machine Rental North East

All of the laundry machines we have available at Pee Gee Ltd are available for rental in the North East at a competitive price. We specialise in commercial and industrial laundry solutions that guarantee to provide an immaculate clean finish.

We supply the highly renowned brands Primus, Lavamac and ADC to guarantee high quality performance from a machine that is user friendly and easy to maintain.

Renting your laundry machines allows you to operate efficiently with the most up to date energy efficient equipment at a low ongoing cost.

All of our washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers are designed and built with large wash loads and constant use in mind so you will always have fresh laundry at hand to help your business run smoothly.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we provide the option for a fixed inflation proof monthly charge with all of your maintenance costs and routine annual servicing fully covered.

As part of our routine annual servicing, we will provide you with an annual CP12 gas safety certification which includes stripping your machines before thoroughly cleaning and inspecting them to ensure your machines are working properly and safely.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority so all of our rental customers are given an 8 hour priority response on any appliance breakdown. This helps ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business.

Your latest energy efficient models are cost effective as you will benefit from up to 30% in your running costs. We know every commercial and industrial business has different needs and budgets so we have both short and long term contracts available to suit you.

If you’re a professional business in the North East looking for reliable rental laundry machines to help improve the running of your day to day business, make an online enquiry today.