Laundry Equipment North East

If you’re based in the North East and looking for high quality laundry equipment and products, Pee Gee Ltd specialises in commercial and industrial laundry solutions at affordable prices.

We understand that different companies have different needs so we can use our 50 years experience to help you decide what machine is best for you because having the right appliance is essential.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we work with industry leading brands Lavamac, Primus and ADC to enable laundry equipment for customers in the North East that are high in performance but low in ongoing costs.

The heavy duty washing machines available are built to handle constant use and big wash loads whilst providing a flawless wash every time. They also have stack ability so you can fully utilise your space and increase the amount of washing able to be done at one time.

Our professional tumble dryers provide you with a low running time, drying efficiency and inexpensive energy consumption whilst boosting your productivity.

Commercial flatwork ironers are great for businesses such as hotels and catering companies with high volumes of laundry that quickly need creases removed and are available in a range of sizes and heating options from electrical, gas or steaming. 

All of our washing machines and tumble dryers are easy to use and have the option to come coin operated which makes it a great choice for students at university.

At Pee Gee Ltd, we are committed to offering you after sales care support, so we can help you maintain your machines in the best condition possible through auto dosing or our range of chemical products including, emulsifiers, low temperature de-stainers, water softeners and infection control antibacterial detergent.

So if you’re looking for professional laundry equipment that is efficient but easy to maintain, make an online inquiry today.