Heavy Duty Laundry Equipment

Are you a professional business who deals with heavy duty laundry equipment on a daily basis? At Pee Gee Ltd we specialise in commercial and industrial laundry solutions so can provide you with efficient washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers.

We know that businesses have different needs so we can use our 50 years experience to help you choose the right appliance. At Pee Gee Ltd we offer machines from highly reputable brands such as Primus, Lavamac and ADC to guarantee high standards of cleaning.

The heavy duty washing machines are built and designed to handle constant use and huge loads which makes them ideal for hotels, restaurants and large catering companies.

At Pee Gee Ltd, the heavy duty tumble dryers are easy to use with their modern digital controls which guarantees reliable performance with low ongoing costs.

We also stock heavy duty flatwork ironers that easily remove creases and dries at the same time. Our ironers will save you time and space whilst having all the necessary safety features to adhere to the latest safety standards.

Both our heavy duty washing machines and tumble dryers are available in coin operated options depending on your business needs and budget and have the option of stacking to help you double the capacity in the space of a single machine.

We can also help you look after your laundry equipment with auto dosing and our own range of chemical products including emulsifiers, low temperature de-stainers, water softeners and infection control antibacterial detergent.

Our laundry specialists can also provide you with a range of maintenance options for after sales care support.

To find out more about the heavy duty laundry equipment we offer at Pee Gee Ltd, take a look at our range of washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers or make an online enquiry now.